The Badass
Exceed 10,000 points of total damage.

The Bully
Defeat 100 enemy units.

The Entitled
(Don't forget to check title conditions.)

The Juggler
Exceed a 50-hit combo.

The Newbie
Survive 35 battles.

The Gambler
Reach 300 LCK.

The God of Death
Defeat 3,000 enemy units.

The Juicer
Reach 300 STR.

The Know-It-All
Reach 300 INT.

The Meat Shield
Reach 300 VIT.

The Patron
Unlock all gallery art.

The Skywalker
Reach 300 AGI.

The Stalker
Unlock all character profiles.

The Gun Runner
Collect every type of weapon.

Crossover Conquest
Earn this trophy by unlocking all other Cross Edge™ trophies.

Ukryte Trofea

The Aggressor
Exceed a 400-hit combo

The Highlander
Survive 900 battles

The World Champ
Exceed 1,000,000 points of total damage

The Battle Ready
Collect every type of armor

The Dood
Earn the true ending

The Fashionista
Collect every type of accessory

The Grave Robber
Find 150 hidden items using Search

The Hikikomori
Spend far too much time unlocking dozens of titles

The Packrat
Collect every type of item