Earn all of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies.

Amazing Rockstar
Complete single player Expert Career on all instruments.

Cowboys From Hell
Get 100% on a song as a Band (4 players).

Killing In The Name
Win 50 online matches.

Rock Legends
Complete the Career in a Band (2-4 players).

The One Man Band
Complete all four instrument careers on any difficulty.

Artist On The Rise
Create a new custom Band logo.

Band Leader
Score the highest individual score in a 4 players Band.

Bark At The Moon
Complete the Career as the Vocalist.

Clash Of The Titans
Win a Band vs. Band match (8 players).

Craving For More
Download a song from GHTunes(SM).

Fail a song with available Star Power in single player.

Face To Face
Win an online Pro Face-Off match.

Glory to the Daring
Play a song in the Atlantis venue.

Golden Fingers
Perform as the Guitarist.

I Wanna Rock
Complete a song with any instrument on any difficulty in local Quickplay or Career.

Ink And Blood
Create a custom tattoo.

Jaw Dropper
Win an online Face-Off match by 25,000 points or more.

Low-Pitched King
Complete the Career as the Bassist.

Master Craftsman
Create a new custom instrument.

Create a new custom rocker.

Perform as the Drummer.

One For All
Complete a song in a Band (4 players).

Play With Me
Play 20 online matches.

Promising Diva
Perform as the Vocalist.

Rock Veteran
Play 150 songs throughout your entire Career.

Rocker's Guide To Godhood
Complete the Career Tutorial.

Complete the song Smoke On The Water as a Vocalist.

The Greatest Crew
Complete a song with all Band members on Expert (4 player Band).

The Greatest Journey In History
Complete a song in every venue.

There's Hope!
Recover from a poor performance.

Thunder Kissing
Trigger Star Power simultaneously (4 player Band).

Unnoticed Presence
Perform as the Bassist.

Complete the Career as the Drummer.

War Apparatus
Complete a song on Expert + (Drums only).

Wondrous Strummer
Complete the Career as the Guitarist.

You Cannot Beat Me
Win an online Pro Face-Off match by 25,000 points or more.

You Should Be Afraid
Win an online Face-Off match.

Secret Trophies

8th Wonder
Complete the song Through The Fire and Flames with 4 stars or more as the Guitarist on Expert.

Bloody Feet
You completed the song Raining Blood with 5 stars as the Drummer on Expert+.

Get a 100 note streak in the song Through The Fire and Flames on Hard or Higher as the Drummer.

Free As A Band
Score 2,000,000 points on the song Free Bird as a Band.

Golden Voice
Score 95% or more on the song Killer Queen as the Vocalist (Expert).

Raining Notes
You perfectly played the First Blood section of the song Raining Blood as the guitarist on Expert.

You Play It Well
Perfectly play the Let's Play section in the song Play With Me as a lead Guitarist on Expert.

Hail The Reverend
Get 5 stars on the song Beast And The Harlot Expert Drums without using Star Power.

Score 5 stars in a song on Expert with Lars Umlaut in single player.

Lightning Speed!
Complete the song YYZ with 5 stars on Expert Bass.

Open Minded Strummer
Hit all Open Strum notes in the song Laid To Rest as the Bassist.

Rising Star
Complete 100% on any song on Expert in single player.

That was Close!
Win a song with the rock meter in red.