Height of Olympus
Obtain S Rank in all Main Quest and Challenge Quests.

Surpass Hephaestus
Completely reinforce all Sub Weapons.

Aerial Dance
Hit an enemy 20 times while it is in the air.

Bound Souls
Defeat 10 enemies at once with Chain Seize.

Complete Conquest
Complete all quests.

First-Class Warrior
Perform an attack with each of the main weapon skills.

Smash Hit
Destroy enemy parts or protective gear 300 times.

Specialized Power
Completely reinforce all Sub Weapons in one category.

The Blacksmith
Completely reinforce one Sub Weapon.

The Hunter's Title
Collect all Gifts.

The Power of '12'
Pick up one Sub Weapon for each category.

The Weapons Collector
Collect all Sub Weapons in one category. (1)

The Weapons of Hecatoncheir
Collect all Sub Weapons.

Three in the Black
Successfully perform a Perfect Sub Weapon Seize three times on one boss.

Adamantine Axe
Defeat 5 enemies at once with one Axe attack.

Aesthetic Destruction
Using the Battle Song on Perseus, destroy part of the 'Skeleton King'.

Attack Ballista
Defeat 10 opponents in quick succession with one Bow attack.

Battering Ram
Send 5 enemies flying with one Hammer attack.

Beaten to the Punch!
Defeat 20 skeletons who are preparing to throw skulls.

Successfully perform a Perfect Sub Weapon Seize.

Curse of the Gods
Clear 'Mating Season' with the ability 'Erosion of the Abyss' set.

Deadly Poison
Stun 3 enemies at the same time using the Tail attack.

Draw Out the Ichor
Destroy the heads of 20 giant animated statues.

Hat Trick
Successfully perform Perfect Sub Weapon Seize three times on one enemy.

Impenetrable Defense
Defend 100 enemy attacks using a Barrier.

Offer Gifts
Reinforce one Sub Weapon.

Play 2P Mode for the first time.

Sharp Shooter
Pierce a cyclops' weak point with a Bow.

Soul Slaughter
Defeat 100 enemies with Soul Seize.

Sword Dance
Perform 30 hits in 7 seconds using a dual-wield attack.

The Body of a god
Use the 'Spirit of Argos' to take down 5 enemies at once.

The Grace of Erebus
Activate a 'Dark Blade' Underworld Core attack and successfully connect 50 times consecutively. (2)

The Pyre
Use a 'Flame Core' attack to defeat each type of undead monster, except undead bosses.

Trusting Heart
In 2P Mode, have a support character perform a Sub Weapon Seize.

Vanished Threat
Destroy all parts of the Scorpioch.

Won't Let You Die
Use a 'Healing Core' 5 times to recover the health of a dying support character.

Wrath of the Anemoi
Defeat 10 enemies at once with one Wing attack.

Ukryte Trofea

The Era Of Man
You have unlocked all available trophies.

At Journey's End
Chapter 5: Clear 'Face Your Destiny'.

Chapter 10: Clear 'CLASH OF THE TITANS'.

Dust Cloud
Chapter 4: Clear 'Into the Fire'.

Gods' Blood
Chapter 9: Clear 'Disillusionment'.

Perseus the Hero
Clear game.

Chapter 1: Clear 'On the Home Front'.

The Cursed King
Chapter 3: Clear 'Calibos!'.

The Edge of the Other World
Chapter 6: Clear 'Scales'.

The Fate of Argos
Chapter 2: Clear 'Departures'.

Those Who Fight Destiny
Chapter 8: Clear 'A Human's Strength'.

To the Fallen Temple
Chapter 7: Clear 'The Gate Opens'.