Comic Book Collector
Play comics so that you have saved a total of 25 sets of snapshots.

Fast as Lightning
Dodge 6 enemy attacks in a single fight round.

Fists of DOOM!
Beat two enemies in a single fight without using super powers.

Flawless Victory
Achieve flawless victory in a fight with at least 3 rounds (medium or hard difficulty).

Frequent Flyer
Stay in the air for five seconds.

I Eat Giants at Teatime
Beat the second gatekeeper without destroying the bridge columns.

Kung-Fu Party
Play multiplayer with four people controlling enemies.

Nerves of Steel
Play a fight that lasts for 10 minutes.

Powered Up
Use all four super powers in one fight.

Doesn't Know What Losing Means
Achieve 5 Flawless victories.

Epic Duelist
Win 10 rounds in a row in a one-on-one fight.

Legendary Warrior
Triumph over 150 enemies.

Master of Kung-Fu LIVE!
Complete the story of Kung-Fu LIVE.