2 / 16

Brawl Club
Complete 1000 fights

Swords in space
Kill 250 players with the Plasma Sword

Can't touch me
Collect 5 defensive pods at the same time

Kill 50 players without using weapons

Rain of bullets
Fire 500,000 shots

Widow maker
Kill 2,000 players

Kill 4,000 aliens

Here it comes!
Kill 250 players with the Quantic Slinger

Old School Principal
Obtain Old School achievement 50 times

Today I'll kill you with…
Unlock all weapons

Full hangar
Unlock all spaceships

Mirror, mirror
Play 100 mirror matches

Instant death
Complete 10 matches in less than 3 seconds

Taking you with me!
Commit suicide 50 times

Space Lone Wolf
Win 25 1 vs 3 matches

Interstellar brawl
Fight in every single sector of each location

Full fledged
Complete all the 21 challenges

Elite pilot
Complete all the challenges with S rank