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can you put fence paint on decking

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can you use fence paint on decking? | ask an expert ...

can you use fence paint on decking? posted by andy on thu 11 oct 2018 08:54am. is there any problem to use fence paint on my decking or have to look for a special decking paint. share tweet. mark ellery. sun 21 oct 2018 06:56pm.

can you use fencing stain on decking? | yahoo answers

best answer: fencing stain is mainly to treat the wood from water rot not from walking it is a watery substance and designed to seep into the wood. decking stain has a longer durable protection and has a glossier finish so basically unless you want to repeat the treatment every year or so i would get proper deck stain.

shed/fence paint for decking? - page 1 - homes gardens ...

i had a nightmare with ronseal deck oil flaking. i eventually steamed it all of and used a fence paint. looks great but wares only lasted the year and come off when i power wash the deck.

can you paint or composite decking? - sheldon & sons ...

in order to make the or composite decking look as good as possible you should put a coat of paint on it. although manufacturers demand that the color of or composite decking is permanent they will surely fade in time.

tips for painting your deck - dummies

tips for painting your deck. don’t paint unless you can cover all six sides of every piece of wood. in situations where pieces of wood are sandwiched together and the joined surfaces can’t be painted then the pieces should be joined as one by thoroughly caulking all connecting joints. if all sides can’t be reached...

can i get my house painted or deck stained in winter?

this moisture can cause the paint to not set properly and it will then begin to flake off. using technology for winter painting. previously exterior walls were often painted with an oil-based paint because it offered such a smooth finish. because this type of paint dries so slowly it cannot be used in the wintertime.

deck paint vs. house paint | ehow

deck paint. by definition deck paint is a “special hard-surface paint that is resistant to abrasive wear” meaning it is ideal for surfaces such as deck and porch floors that experience weathering and heavy traffic. deck paint can hide the grain and texture of a wood deck or highlight the deck’s natural features.

can you stain pressure-treated wood? | the family handyman

the kind of stain you put on your deck and when you apply it depend on the type and condition of your treated wood. there are three basic categories of green-treated or wolmanized lumber. (wolmanizing is a patented manufacturing process.) wet treated wood: the most common kind is still wet when you buy it. it’ll be noticeably heavier than kiln-dried pressure treated lumber.

how to stain a deck using a sprayer | hunker

you can stain a deck in a number of ways. you can apply deck stain by hand with paintbrushes or paint rollers but these methods are difficult and time-consuming. you can apply deck stain with an airless paint sprayer but it usually has too much power to spray deck stain effectively and efficiently.

decking paint | diynot forums

however if you mean an oil based wood preserver then yes you could use it but it's not ideal. it's also better to go for the stain type of preserver too rather than the paint type because they could prove slippery in the wet. decking paint is a special formula to prevent it from getting slippery under foot.

do i need special decking paint? - page 1 - homes gardens ...

i also need to do some fence panels (about 5) in the same colour along with some tree boxes and fence paint at £15 a tin is more appealing but i dont know if you can use it on deck. unless ...

benefits of using stain vs. paint on decks and fences

adam guilford deck service manager at decktec outdoor design in golden colorado suggests using only stain on deck floors but paint can be used on vertical surfaces such as deck posts or fences. horizontal surfaces such as the deck floor experience more foot traffic and therefore require more maintenance and painting can be more costly.

decking oil or stain which is best? - wood finishes direct

potential decking oil issues. highly refined or extra thin decking oils may be required. cannot be over-coated with a decking stain or decking paint unless the decking has been allowed to weather for several years. the final colour of a decking oil can be more heavily influenced by the colour of the decking timber than a stain.

how to paint fence panels | spray vs brush | wagner ...

when you get new fence panels in you will need to paint them to protect them. since i know brushing can take some time i thought i'd test out the wagner 570 universal sprayer. lets see if this ...

what will happen if i try to apply paint/stain to damp wood?

you won't have luck applying paint/stain to a soaking wet deck. if there are common walkway areas on the deck you could put down strips of grip tape along this route. this is tape that has a sandpaper texture to it and is meant for slippery decks and stairs. maybe not ideal but a solution until you can properly treat it.

can you put fence paint on decking

tips for painting your deck - dummies a painted deck or fence can be beautiful but painting can also be a real problem. don't paint unless you can cover all six sides of every piece of wood. free sample get price contact; fence painting and staining guide: quick tips | hgtv once you have invested in a fence routine maintenance can keep it strong and looking good for years. by maintaining the finish you will be preventing damage . free sample get price contact

can you paint decking with fence paint - answers

no fence paint does not have as much wax in it and it wont last very long before you have to paint it again. as decking has a lot of foot traffic as obviously a fence does not. take it from me i ...

best paints to use on decks and exterior wood features

also it is possible to get a bad batch of paint. not saying that happened with you but i do know that if paints stand too long in frozen (or hot) trucks paint can go bad really quick. it could be that deckover holds up beautifully in heat but not the extreme cold. i hope that you can resolve the decking issues.

can behr deck over be applied to ... - the

not to worry you don't have to strip down to bare wood before applying deckover. :smileywink: just removing any loose or peeling paint will be enough. this product can also be applied to vertical surfaces so don't worry about the spindles either. :smileyhappy: if you have any more questions please let us know! christine

how to stain over an older deck that has been stained before

eventually it becomes inevitable that you’ll need to re-stain your deck. this doesn’t have to be a daunting task though. once you understand how to stain a previously stained deck the entire re-staining process can be completed in as little as 4 steps! step 1 - cleaning. first and foremost you’ll need to clean the deck.

can you use fence paint as decking paint - answers

no fence paint does not have as much wax in it and it wont last very long before you have to paint it again. as decking has a lot of foot traffic as obviously a fence does not. take it from me i ...

sealing painting & staining pressure treated wood | yellawood

sealing painting and staining pressure treated wood a project's not really done until it's finished. and an outdoor project's not finished until it's been stained sealed or painted. you probably know that wood swells when it gets wet and shrinks when it dries.

can you paint a fence with decking stain? what are the ...

best answer: the best thing to do would be to check the decking stain that you are looking to use to see if it has a preservative in it that will stop the wood from rotting. i would imagine that most decking stains will contain these properties as they would be useless if they didn't.

can you stain over paint? | protect painters

there are two ways to add color to a wooden surface. you can paint and you can stain. you can even paint over stain but can you stain over paint? the short answer is yes as long as you perform the proper prep work. first let's look at the two products. paint vs. stain. when properly primed paint forms an even and consistent layer atop wood.

can i stain my fence when it's wet? | hunker

when to stain. stain your wood according to the type of wood your fence is made of. new or untreated wood should be stained as soon as possible after you have completed construction. treated wood should be allowed to leach out or weather before being stained. old wood that has been previously stained may need to be treated with stain remover...

how to paint fences & decking quickly - youtube

the fence and decking sprayer uses german engineering and is backed up with a three-year guarantee which can be extended by another year if you register your sprayer. the fence and decking sprayer ...

can you stain over paint? | protect painters

if your existing paint job is a flakey mess or if the point of switching from paint to stain is to allow the beauty of your wooden deck to shine through then plan on doing extensive prep work. you will need to strip and sand off the multiple layers of paint clean and even out any inconsistencies.

ronseal fence paint on decking? - mybuilder

do not use any form of fence paint or stain on your decking. it will not be as hard wearing/durable as a decking oil. decking oil will protect against drying & splitting water penetration & reduce the risk or warping & swelling to your decking. fence paint on decking is a no isn’t durable enough for timber designed for traffic.

can you stain over exterior existing stain? | hunker

don't use solid stain on a deck or any surface you want to walk on because it's too thin and won't hold up. you can use solid stain over existing solid or semi-transparent stain but semi-transparent stain over solid stain will look strange and won't last. it's designed to penetrate wood and won't adhere well to a solid coating.

can you put fence paint on decking

can you put fence paint on decking. staining a deck - roll vs brush vs spray - youtube sep 12 2013 staining a deck - roll vs brush vs spray as far as time goes you can't just grab a sprayer and start spraying. you have to protect . brush is always best method take your time do a good job do 3 runs at a time never paint in the sun.

the 8 best deck paints of 2019

the worn wood on decks may provide you with a rustic look but it isn’t doing the wood any favors. when it’s time to repaint old wood to give it new vitality behr advanced deckover can put a pop of color and a life-extending coat on old wood structures.

how to paint fences & decking quickly - youtube

this uses a lot of fence paint or stain takes a long time and is hard work. with the wagner electric fence and decking sprayer you can easily coat the surface evenly to protect the surface.

correct paint for timber decking - ...

for any paint or stain to 'bond' to the timber it should generally be as dry as possible with no rain for 3-4 days beforehand. also depends if the deck faces northerly then it may take a little longer to dry out and even morning dew can stop paint or stain bonding properly. after application it needs to be dry for 2-3 days.

can you put fence paint on decking - outdoor deck manufacturer

can you use fence paint as decking paint - answers yes they are both wood deck paint is usually formulated to be more resistant to foot traffic so deck paint will look better for longer and you won't have to re-paint ...

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